Rising to
the Occasion

From a blank canvas to a sought-after location: the art and architecture stories behind 777 Bay.


In Good Company

This unique mixed-use complex dates back to the mid-1970s. 777 Bay’s timeless 30-storey mirrored-glass tower was designed by architects at Webb Zerafa Menkes—now WZMH.

The internationally-renowned Canadian firm also conceived the CN Tower, the Royal Bank Plaza, and several other landmark buildings in other cities across Canada and worldwide.


A Sense of Legacy

777 Bay is part of the award-winning College Park Redevelopment Project.

Phased over almost twenty years, this master plan transformed a 5.3 ha downtown city block into a high-density, mixed-use development, notable for its significant private development and for creating a major urban public space for the city of Toronto.

Today’s 777 Bay

New Beginnings

Following the purchase of 777 Bay, Property & Leasing Manager and co-owner Canderel worked with co-owners CPC and TDAM to build on the office and retail complex’s legacy, reuniting 777 Bay with its original creators at WZMH Architects.

Along with lighting experts at Mulvey & Banani, WZMH conceived a new architectural language as it transformed 30,000+ SF of office lobby and retail areas. The result is a series of open spaces that feel airy and luminous and create a powerful contemporary image that reflects 777 Bay’s timeless quality.

The main lobby’s elegant glass frame layered over Carrera Marble walls greets people as they approach.
Wood panels floating over the wall fold into the elevator lobby ceiling, reflect directionality and provide a warm accent.
Elevators in the central atrium are boxed within glass shafts rising through the space into the skylight.
Backlit panels, frosted mirrors and cove lighting complement the different levels of reflectivity of the material palette.
Black metal coves throughout MRKTS@777’s ceiling act as an accent and help organize electrical and mechanical services.
Continuous sliding and fixed glass panels streamline storefronts along the MRKTS@777, providing light and subtle interior frontage.
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The Three Watchmen

Robert Davidson is a leading figure in the renaissance of Haida Art and culture. The Three Watchmen at 777 Bay was his first public commission.

A Northwest Coast native who’s also of Haida descent, Davidson works with several media. Widely recognized as a master carver of totem poles and masks, his creative interpretation of the traditional Haida form is unparalleled.