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777 Bay’s office and retail spaces fully deliver on today’s efficiency and flexibility expectations.
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Office Spaces at 777 Bay

777 Bay is home to office space you can truly call your own. Engineered from the start with the future in mind, the complex allows for diverse office layouts and provides ultimate flexibility for space arrangements. 

Life at 777 Bay

Retail Spaces at 777 Bay

[email protected]’s two-level retail concourse is the gateway to choice and convenience for 777 Bay members and the high-density community  working or living nearby.

777 Bay Community

The city within

777 Bay’s diverse tenant mix provides you with on-site access to a wide range of commercial and public services, shopping and food venues.

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Downtown Yonge — Toronto

Your urban playground

Hailed as the city’s most exciting neighbourhood, Downtown Yonge has been the heart of Toronto for decades.

Green spaces, shopping and services, gourmet hot spots, entertainment venues and more, everything you want is within arm’s reach when you have space at 777 Bay.

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